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Addressing Life’s Curveballs Through Post-Divorce Mediation

Divorce may seem like an open-and-shut process. In many cases, however, it is far more open-ended than you might think. Even after your divorce is finalized, issues may continue to arise months or years down the road, especially if you have minor children. Any number of curveballs life throws your way — such as job changes, medical issues or financial struggles — can make it necessary to reassess key aspects of the divorce such as:

  • Child support modifications and related child support issues
  • Child custody and potential residency modifications, including relocation
  • Spousal support modifications
  • Property division, if this issue was not previously addressed

Often, settlement agreements will require you to mediate these issues before bringing them to court. Even when not required, mediation is a valuable tool for resolving post-divorce issues without reopening old wounds. The right mediator can guide you to a reasonable resolution based on what makes sense for your situation.

Issues like child custody, child support and spousal support are rarely set in stone. Post-divorce mediation is designed to address these issues in light of life’s continually shifting circumstances.

How We Can Help

At Resolve Attorney Mediators of Rochester, New York, we handle all aspects of divorce mediation, including post-divorce modifications. Whether or not you pursued mediation the first time around, it is never too late to consider the many benefits of mediation. Our attorney-mediators are ideally equipped to help you resolve important issues in a solutions-focused manner. Our goal is for you to come away with a more satisfying resolution — one you can feel comfortable with moving forward.

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