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Is Mediation A Good Fit For You?

What makes a good case for mediation? The answer is much broader than you might think: Virtually any divorce or separation case may be successfully resolved through mediation. For mediation to work, you don’t have to be in perfect agreement about any issues upfront. So long as you can sit down together and discuss issues with the help of a facilitator, the mediation process can help you reach a more satisfying resolution.

Mediation can work wonders in all types of situations, whether contested or uncontested.

A significant part of the divorce mediation process involves addressing tough issues. In fact, by confronting these issues head-on with the help of a professional attorney-mediator, you can more effectively resolve them in a way that makes sense for your situation.

The Key To Success

At Resolve Attorney Mediators of Rochester, our lawyers have seen it all. We have successfully resolved all kinds of divorce and family law mediation cases, from those involving relatively straightforward issues to complex, high-stakes cases involving weighty emotions.

The key to our success lies in our individualized approach. We will get to know you and understand the dynamics of your relationship. Using time-tested strategies, we will foster a fair and open atmosphere, equalizing imbalances and enabling both parties to have their voices heard.

When It’s Not A Good Fit

Some circumstances make mediation unwise or impossible. Whenever domestic violence or orders for protection are involved, mediation is out of the picture.

In these cases, our lawyers can still help you with the traditional divorce process. We have 40-plus years of combined experience helping people through all stages of divorce and separation.

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