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Marching into divorce mediation

For a long time, January has been referred to as "Divorce Month." Many cite the stress of the Christmas season, delay tactics for couples wanting to "tough it out" through the holidays, or last-ditch attempts to save marriages by taking vacations. Others merely want to wait for the New Year for tax purposes.

However, recent studies show that the popular marital dissolution month may be a bit later in the year, specifically March.

The New Year is a hotbed of activity for family courts throughout the country. Divorces are on the uptick. Yet, when spring has sprung, spouses are particularly prone to follow suit, only from their marriages.

January still holds prominence in the divorce process. More studies are showing that the first month of the year is when the decision is made. The holidays have ended. Gifts are put away. Extended family members return to their homes. Real life resumes. With reality comes real decision-making.

February is the "planning month" where couples research legal representation and make plans for their post-marital life. Depending on the ending marriage's environment, they contemplate whether a judge or an attorney mediator will resolve issues.

This brings us to March, the month where divorce filings are at their peak.

Online searches tell a similar story., a prominent website for consumer-focused legal information shows a significant New Year's jump of up to 50 percent for phrases that include "family law" and "child custody." That surge continues through February and reaches its peak the following month with "divorce" ranking as the number one searched term.

As seasons change, so does life. During these times, divorce mediation is a natural and highly beneficial step in what can be a traumatic process for spouses and their children. Working with an attorney-mediator will not take away the pain of personal loss. However, it does allow spouses to work things out in a cooperative setting that focuses on everyone's best interests.

Divorce mediation can also help soon-to-be exes gain perspective and a more positive outlook when it comes to the new chapter they are about to begin.

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