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March 2017 Archives

The illusion of social media meeting the reality of divorce

From sage advice to dire warnings, parents of all generations have tried to guide their children in the right direction. The moment a son or daughter gets married, mom and dad usually provide their counsel, based on their past experiences.

Marching into divorce mediation

For a long time, January has been referred to as "Divorce Month." Many cite the stress of the Christmas season, delay tactics for couples wanting to "tough it out" through the holidays, or last-ditch attempts to save marriages by taking vacations. Others merely want to wait for the New Year for tax purposes.

Legislation getting in the way of divorce mediation?

Divorce is a process where the moment it starts, couples ending their marriage want it to end. For that reason, many soon-to-be ex-spouses choose divorce mediation to minimize not only the cost, but also the time it takes to finalize the marital dissolution.

When marital dissolution and business divorce mix

A married couple's dream of opening a family business can become a nightmare if the spouses or "copreneurs" decide to end the personal aspect of their relationship. As with any aspect of property division in divorce mediation, an attorney-mediator who is patient, persistent and creative can be an equally valuable asset.

The need for cooperation doesn't end when you leave the mediator's office.

The end of a marriage or other romantic relationship is never easy. In fact, divorce and child custody disputes are notoriously difficult and often erupt into heated courtroom battles.

Common mistakes in divorce mediation

Divorce mediation may not always be a smooth process, no matter how cooperative you try to be. Chances are you will make a mistake or two before and during discussions. A skilled and effective attorney-mediator can help overcome even the most significant setbacks.

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