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Your divorce: Do it yourself or do it right

When it comes to foregoing legal representation in a divorce filing, saving money now can prevent a much larger legal investment in the future. Post-marital life is fluid. You need a skilled professional who can identify both existing issues today and potential problems in the future.

Just because a divorce is uncontested does not mean that contests will not arrive in the future. Simply stated, it may be better to do it right than to do it yourself.

Tied Up In Red Tape

A divorce without legal representation is not easy. At the outset, you have to know your local court’s filing requirements. Mistakes and oversights could delay the final decree for months, if not years.

An attorney-mediator brings insight into the basic filing requirements, untie the red tape, and can get you started on the right track.

Preciseness In Parenting Plans

Child custody focuses on the best interests of the children. Verbal agreements may seem fair at the time, but relationships and attitudes can change.

Both spouses and children are entitled to a parenting plan in writing. An attorney-mediator can work with both of you to find common ground that is both agreeable and enforceable.

Accounting For All Child-Related Expenses

While amounts to cover basic needs for children are calculated based on state statutes, additional expenses may require a separate agreement. Assuming that everything is covered can only create serious, post-divorce problems.

That is where an attorney-mediator comes in to help. Whether more money is needed for medical insurance, daycare or extra-curricular activities, a neutral party can properly identify all financial needs.

Present And Future Financial Stability

Lacking a basic understanding of how alimony works can lead to disastrous “patch-work” agreements. Divorcing spouses are generally laypersons who do not know spousal support laws. Now do they know whether a temporary or more permanent arrangement is best.

An attorney-mediator can help you first identify if spousal support is appropriate or not. Conducting in-depth and detail-driven analysis of financial needs can allow them to craft an agreement that keeps both parties on stable financial foundations.

The Proposition Of Property Division

Property division is not a 50/50 proposition. Various considerations and factors come into play. While you and your spouse may assume that you have what you need, future financial problems could force you to revisit the agreement in court.

An attorney-mediator’s insight can make a significant difference in your post-divorce future. Going beyond “price tags” allows them to consider all avenues to ensure that the split in property is fair and both spouses are adequately compensated.

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