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February 2017 Archives

The challenges of divorce mediation involving servicemembers

Unique complexities exist in military divorces. Certain legal issues are specific to servicemembers and their spouses. Even divorce mediation presents challenges when divorcing couples are not in the same state or country.

Your divorce: Do it yourself or do it right

When it comes to foregoing legal representation in a divorce filing, saving money now can prevent a much larger legal investment in the future. Post-marital life is fluid. You need a skilled professional who can identify both existing issues today and potential problems in the future.

Setting an example for your children through divorce mediation

Divorce creates stress. Stress leads to impulsive reactions instead of thoughtful responses. Stress does not put you at your best when you have to make important decisions. That anxiety is not exclusive to you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse. Children also bear the brunt.

5 ways mediation can help reduce the cost of your divorce

Raising children is an indescribable joy. That joy spans from the precious moments, like when they give you a tight hug and an "I love you" for no reason at all, to the proud moments, like when they learn to tie their shoes or score a goal in their first big game.

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