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What to look for when choosing an attorney-mediator

The benefits of cooperative divorce mediation versus contentious litigation are seemingly endless. The first step in pursuing mediation is choosing the right mediator. The choice is important and the decision should not be taken lightly.

Not all mediators are the same. Mediators who are also attorneys  - with experience practicing family law and working in the trenches and who can prepare all the necessary documents incident to a divorce - have the necessary qualifications. Attorney-Mediators are best equipped to do the job. You should know what to look for.

An attorney-mediator who truly believes in divorce mediation

Skills and experience are paramount. In addition, you need an attorney-mediator who remains involved in the legal community and dedicated to professional development. A commitment to mediation over litigation should come with a focus on continually honing problem-solving skills and staying aware of changes in family law.

An attorney-mediator who focuses exclusively on matrimonial law

Family law as part of a larger legal practice is not enough. An attorney-mediator should have insight into divorce-related problem solving away from the mediation table. An emphasis on matrimonial matters allows an effective attorney-mediator to serve their clients facing any type of traditional divorce, custody or any other related matter.

An attorney-mediator with experience in the courtroom

Divorce litigation has a cost beyond money. An attorney-mediator who has been inside of a courtroom has witnessed the damage done in a highly disputed marital dissolution. With that insight, they see the value of finding an all-important middle ground. They look beyond the legal process and consider the emotional impact on divorcing couples and their children.

An attorney-mediator invested in you

Ending a marriage requires a monetary investment. In return, you are entitled to a skilled professional invested in you. That starts with an attorney-mediator's belief that you and your spouse will be successful in finding a workable agreement and fair settlement. Working to ensure both sides' emotional and financial wellness helps to set up divorcing spouses for a more secure future.

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