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Is mediation the best fit for you?

The moment you decide to end your marriage is the moment when you want to find the best possible route towards finalizing your divorce. Contrary to what you might believe, Litigation is not the only option. Mediation with the help of a skilled attorney-mediator is a way to take control of the issues surrounding your divorce.

Before starting the divorce process, you need to ask yourself one question. Is mediation the best fit? A discussion with an attorney-mediator may provide the answers you need.

Does It Matter If My Spouse And I Don't Agree on Everything In Advance?

You and your spouse do not have to agree on every issue before the process begins. You only need come to the table and discuss issues with an open mind and a focus on the best possible and most satisfactory solution. Whether your divorce is simple or more complicated, an attorney-mediator can help you confront both straightforward and emotionally charged issues directly.

Will Mediation Strategies Be Customized For Me?

If you and your spouse are looking to be treated as individuals and not a number on a case file, you need an attorney-mediator who tailors solutions for you. With experience comes time-tested strategies that foster a fair and open atmosphere. Both sides are entitled to having their voices heard in a process that equalizes imbalances that may exist.

When Is Mediation Not Recommended?

If domestic violence or orders for protection played a role in your marriage, mediation is likely not a fit for you. In situations where your safety may be at risk, entering the process is not wise, nor is it recommended. Remember, the best attorney-mediator is also a divorce lawyer who can still get you through all stages of your marital dissolution.

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