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Divorce mediation: A wealth preservation strategy

Newly married couples caught up in the euphoria of wedded bliss simply do not see a future when they will not be together. The idea of divorce never enters their mind as they begin to start their new lives. After all, the vows ended with, "'Til death do us part."

Over time, they find jobs that could turn into lucrative careers. They start businesses that become successful, revenue-generating enterprises. With wealth come luxuries such as vacation homes, expensive cars and boats, and other "toys." Investments and retirement accounts grow as couples look towards the future.

The Personal And Financial Consequences Of A High-Asset Divorce

For a growing number of wealthy and older couples who own businesses and other valuable assets, being together forever is neither "together" or "forever." Personal feelings of affection may have faded, yet spouses may see a strong marriage as their best financial investment. Others realize that money cannot buy happiness. However, it can buy a divorce.

Even the most successful businesses anticipate problems and prepare for potential losses. Conversely, married couples do not think to set aside money in case of a divorce. When the decision is made, they fear that divorce could destroy their financial security as it has for many. In a best-case scenario, dissolving their marriage will not make them wealthier.

An Attorney-Mediator Protecting Rights And Wealth

Selecting an attorney-mediator can actually be a highly effective, wealth-preservation strategy. Like business dissolution, both sides want to walk away with maximum money and assets. Courtroom battles only serve to minimize what remains after court fees and legal expenses.

Divorce is emotional. Setting aside personal feelings is difficult, if not impossible for some. However, a skilled and effective attorney-mediator will help keep focus on long-term goals and life beyond marriage. Being mired in short-term disputes that involve rehashing past petty issues in court only prolongs the process and drains your savings.

In business and divorce, time is money. Being prepared to work things out with the help of an attorney-mediator can save both.

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