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Will you be prepared for divorce mediation?

Divorce usually occurs after months and years of marital stress. The second you decide to end your marriage is the moment you want the life-changing process to be over.

Talk of divorce is now replaced with action. Action in the form of mediation requires thorough preparation. A qualified and skilled attorney-mediator will be prepared for your first session. Will you?

You Can Never Be Too Organized

Thorough preparation is vital at the outset, whether you are savvy enough to create spreadsheets or take an "old school" approach with hand-written, hard-copy lists. You want to come to the table with detailed and easily accessible information on all assets and debts. Based on that data, you will also want to map out a possible, post-marital budget covering all household and child-related expenses.

Do Not Let Your Emotions Get The Best Of You

Financial preparedness is only the beginning. You also need to anticipate the emotionally charged aspects of divorce mediation. The process is meant to be cooperative and encourage discussion without judgment or rancor. Venting on past issues or exacting revenge on your spouse can hold up the process as much as equally heated financial disputes.

Let's Make Peace, Not War

There is a reason that you chose an alternative to an expensive and possibly contentious trial. Litigation often leads to long-lasting feelings of resentment following the final verdict. Mediation will allow you to openly express and have addressed your concerns and expectations, provided that those goals are reasonable. This is no time to wage a war of words.

Besides, haven't you already had enough arguments with your soon to be ex-spouse?

The first step to starting the process of mediation is contacting an experienced attorney-mediator.

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