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What Mediation Isn't

Not all divorces involve lengthy and emotionally charged trials. Options exist to find common ground on custody, support and other disputes outside of the courtroom.

Family law mediation with an experienced attorney-mediator, who is trained, educated and understands the law, is an effective alternative to resolve divorce-related problems. The benefits are numerous. Yet, what mediation is not is equally important for you to know as what mediation is.

Mediation is not about you winning and your spouse losing. The process is not contentious, but cooperative in resolving issues. Both you and your spouse can focus on what is best for your entire family, instead of pointing fingers of blame.

Mediation does not take control away from you. As an active participant in the process, you have the power. Resolving issues and problems are in your hands, not those of a judge.

Mediation is not as stressful as a trial. Working with a neutral attorney-mediator instead of appearing before a judge takes the pressure off you. Additionally, mediation is not part of the public record, providing you and your family much-needed privacy.

Mediation is not as expensive. This type of alternative dispute resolution is cost-effective. By going to trial, money that you would need to start your new life will instead go to legal fees for an attorney.

Mediation does not drag out the divorce process. Instead of months and possibly years spent in court proceedings, you can spend a fraction of time to resolve your differences. Simply stated, mediation is on your schedule, not a court docket.

A skilled and experienced attorney-mediator, with the requisite expertise, can best assist you as you start the next chapter of your life.

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