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How 140 characters can sabotage divorce mediation

In divorce mediation, all cards are laid out on the table. The process emphasizes an open and safe environment for you and your spouse to work out the important issues surrounding your divorce. Civility is paramount in any discussions or disputes.

Your conduct matters. What you say matters, no matter how you say it. Equally important are your actions leading up to and during the process.

The Pitfalls Of Social Media Before And During Divorce Mediation

Various forms of social media correspondence have become commonplace in how family and friends communicate. However, convenience has consequences. Anyone can fire off a message on any platform out of frustration, only to regret the rant. However, that text, tweet or post is memorialized for all to see.

Threatening or defamatory social media posting can upend the entire mediation process and send your divorce back to the courtroom. A mere 140 characters can change everything.

  • Claiming an inability to make ends meet while posting pictures of a lavish vacation can sabotage spousal support talks.
  • Deleting a post meant to portray your spouse in a negative light may be considered destruction of evidence.
  • Your children discovering a threatening post you wrote. With judges focusing on their best interests, that lapse in judgment can negatively affect your parenting time.
  • Blocking your spouse from seeing negative posts, only to have them access your page through a friend's account or having mutual friends share screenshots.

Mediation is a time to put personal issues aside and find resolution with the help of an attorney-mediator. Even while you are away from the table, you still need to keep the peace. The most insignificant action can have the most significant legal and financial consequences.

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