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How 140 characters can sabotage divorce mediation

In divorce mediation, all cards are laid out on the table. The process emphasizes an open and safe environment for you and your spouse to work out the important issues surrounding your divorce. Civility is paramount in any discussions or disputes.

What benefits does custody mediation offer over going to court?

For many divorced parents, the main frustration with litigated child custody arrangements stems from the fact that a judge had the final say on how much time each parent could spend with the child. You have to remember, the primary concern of judges in New York is the best interests of the child, not the best interests of the parents. Thus, in some cases, a custody arrangement may appear less fair to one parent than the other.

What Mediation Isn't

Not all divorces involve lengthy and emotionally charged trials. Options exist to find common ground on custody, support and other disputes outside of the courtroom.

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